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We empower the entrepreneurs building Virginia's next energy economy.

The Dominion Energy Innovation Center supports high-tech entrepreneurs and small business owners who are driving the innovations needed to achieve a net-zero carbon economy.

2000+ Innovator Network

$128m Capital Raised

723 Jobs Supported

Energy Entrepreneurs

Energy is the lifeblood of modern society. From home to office to play, the opportunities to effectuate an equitable energy transition start at the community level and impact the global whole. We’re nonstop on supporting entrepreneurs as they pursue deep decarbonization solutions across the global energy economy.

Agriculture Entrepreneurs

Agriculture is in the midst of another revolution. The question is no longer, “how can we feed the world,” but “how can we feed the world responsibly?” We support the innovators building a sustainable future for their community and land.

We're a community of innovators.entrepreneurs.leaders.citizens.

Our members come from all backgrounds and represent the best minds working to solve the hardest problems at the community level. We never give up on our dreams and support each other as we pursue our passions in an ever changing world.

Work Alongside Of Us

Collaborate with visionary energy and climate entrepreneurs in a dynamic coworking space and innovation studio, driving sustainable solutions together.

Explore the Community

We’re united by a shared belief that resilience, diversity, and entrepreneurship can build a stronger, more sustainable future.

Checkout the Latest News

Stay informed and inspired with our innovation blog, featuring energy news, event highlights, and uplifting stories of entrepreneurs shaping a brighter future.