Agriculture Entrepreneurs

Center Street Pitch Competition

Cultivating Your Business: The Center Street Pitch Competition Seeds Success for Agripreneurs and Startups!

Concluding the AG-X Business Planning Workshop Series, the Center Street Pitch Competition presents a prime opportunity for agriculture entrepreneurs. Now focused on agribusinesses and tailored specifically to their needs, the event invites participants to showcase their innovative ideas and business plans in the agriculture sector. With expert guidance and valuable resources, this competition empowers entrepreneurs to bring sustainable and impactful solutions to fruition while fostering networking and recognition within the food, fiber, forestry, and farming community.

Who Can Compete?

Any food, forestry, fiber, farming, or agricultural business located in the Richmond, Virginia metro area that seeks to commercialize a technology, process, product, or service that relates to agriculture, food production and distribution, or food waste. Examples include: crop management software, composting service, protein shakes, craft beer or alcoholic beverages, tea or food prep subscription boxes.

How Does It Work?

The competition is open only to those companies completing the AG-X workshop series offered by the DEIC or a workshop from one of our partners, including from Farm Credit and Virginia Tech Agriculture Extension. Up to six companies will be selected to pitch the panel of judges live for five minutes followed by three minutes of Q&A.

2022 Winners

NTP Technologies

NTP makes salt free NO3 fertilizer; 100% organic and environmentally friendly, no hydrocarbon inputs.

Applied Impact Robotics

Applied Impact Robotics is developing an autonomous robotic solution capable of inspecting a crude oil tank floor while the tank remains in-service.

Voice !t

A nonpartisan, civic-engagement advocacy platform.

2021 Winners


ATP-VA uses a patented, Combined Remediation Biomass and Bio-Product Production (CRBBP) Process, to plant and then multi-tasks certain Bio-Crops to do good things for the health and wellbeing of people, the planet, and local communities, less expensively.

Team Excel

Team Excel gamifies student success metrics to turn learning and personal development into a fun and healthy competition.

Lectito Deispenso

Lectito Dispenso is about providing open access for readers, just compensation for authors, and closer relationships between the two.

2020 Winners


Former Lighthouse Labs alumni, Goodfynd provides a platform that enables food truck vendors to connect with existing/new customers virtually, providing increased visibility and an avenue for orders to be accepted online.


Linebird is revolutionizing electric transmission line maintenance by applying drone technology to a dangerous and labor intensive process.


Liam Hogan is making a tabletop game invented by his family into the newest family game night sensation. He is looking forward to turning one of his favorite pastimes into a profitable venture.