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Greentech Navigator

Greentech Navigator: Empowering Climate Tech Startups in Virginia

Leverage the DEIC network to reach the next level with the Green Tech Navigator. DEIC’s new technical assistance service empowers climate tech startups to navigate the complexities of their industry by connecting them with seasoned subject matter experts (SMEs) in crucial areas of business development.

Greentech Navigator’s collaborative approach centers on defining a discrete project tailored to the specific needs of each startup. Through a carefully curated selection process, startups are paired with SMEs possessing deep expertise in one of five key areas.

Six Key Areas

Equipping startups with the tools to evaluate the financial feasibility and environmental impact of their technologies.

Enabling startups to understand how the regulatory environment shapes utility business decisions and identify opportunities to turn new regulations into sales pipeline.

Crafting effective sales and marketing strategies to reach target customers and drive growth.

Implementing sound financial practices now so that you can properly manage cashflow later.

Navigating the intricacies of fundraising, securing the necessary capital to fuel innovation and expansion.

Implement strategic planning related to prototyping and testing to streamline the development process and maximize the product’s success in the market.

Startups select one of the six key areas and  commit to hold an initial meeting with their DEIC expert to clearly define the project scope and objectives. This collaborative approach ensures that the mentorship experience is personalized and aligned with the startup’s unique challenges and aspirations.

Greentech Navigator recognizes the financial constraints often faced by early-stage startups.  This service alleviates the financial burden by covering 85% of the cost of the SME’s time, while the startup bears the remaining 15%. This cost-sharing model fosters accessibility and ensures that financial considerations do not hinder startups’ access to invaluable assistance.

Through Greentech Navigator, climate tech startups in Virginia gain access to a wealth of expertise and guidance, empowering them to navigate the complexities of their ventures, refine their business strategies, and secure the funding necessary to bring their transformative technologies to market. This service is a catalyst for innovation, propelling Virginia’s climate tech ecosystem towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

What Is The Process For Starting Greentech Navigator?

  1. Fill out the application on the DEIC website with your company information and requested area of support.
  2. Have an introductory meeting with DEIC staff and the relevant expert to outline the technical assistance project scope, time frame, and goals. 
  3. Sign the Navigator agreement and work with your navigator.
  4. At project completion, complete request for payment of the 85% of cost.

Please complete the form below to start the process for Greentech Navigator.

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