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Energy Entrepreneurs

DEIC Greentech Network

Connecting Startups to Funding, Programs, and a Thriving Community of Energy and Sustainability Innovators

The Greentech Network is designed with the growth of your startup in mind. Join the Energy Tech Virginia Meetup Group to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about clean energy solutions, networking, and fostering a sustainable future.

DEIC Greentech Network By The Numbers

30 Events

1069 Event Attendees

1908 Network Members

207 Coaching Sessions

More Program Details

  • Discover the future of clean energy through our Greentech Network Lunch and Learn series, featuring industry experts sharing insights, innovations, and opportunities for a sustainable and greener tomorrow.
  • Stay updated on the latest DEIC news and clean energy trends with our bi-weekly email newsletter, delivering valuable insights and resources straight to your inbox.
  • Connect with DEIC’s network of national partners to gain access to exclusive programs such as the DOE’s EPIC Prize pitch competition, NREL’s IN2 incubator, or Clarion Energy’s Initiate! Conference.
  • Unlock valuable guidance for your startup during our office hours, connecting entrepreneurs with mentors to address challenges, refine strategies, and accelerate growth.
  • Access the DEIC’s growing footprint of innovation workshop and coworking space to pilot new products and test technologies in a safe environment.

Join the Greentech Network Today

Getting connected is easy and free! Tell us a bit about yourself and your company below, and we’ll follow up to learn more and get you involved.