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Discovering Opportunities with the Energy Ingenuity Fund


July 16, 2024, 11am – 12pm

Join DEIC and Jerry Silva, Director of Regional Energy Development and Innovation at Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission (TRRC) for an informational session on the Energy Ingenuity Fund on July 10 at 12pm. 

TRRC has established a $12 million dollar Energy Ingenuity Fund for rural, disadvantaged, or Native American communities with $6 million designated for energy-related projects in each of its service regions, Southern and Southwest Virginia. This fund will capitalize on a skilled workforce and promote an energy focused economy for the Tobacco Region, recognizing that regions with a strong focus on energy can facilitate bringing energy jobs and investment to their localities.

Jerry will discuss what projects have received funding and also detail what qualifies as a good project for the next round of funding. Potential project areas include, but are not limited to: energy manufacturing supply chain companies, energy production, grid resiliency, energy storage, microgrids, hydrogen generation, smart cities, wind, small scale modular reactors, conversion of coal mines, etc.

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The Greentech Network is how the DEIC connects early stage startups to funding opportunities, programs, ideas, and each other. Our Lunch & Learns serve as a catalyst for sparking ideas, nurturing collaborations, and fostering a vibrant community dedicated to propelling the clean energy and climate tech industries forward. As we dive into a series of engaging discussions, we believe that every connection made and insight shared enriches our collective journey towards a sustainable future

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