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Innovations for Safer and Smarter Energy & Water Grids

Innovations for Safer and Smarter Energy & Water Grids

April 10, 2024, 12pm – 1pm

In 2003, a manageable local blackout cascaded into the collapse of much of the Northeast regional electricity distribution system, leaving 55 million people in the US and Canada without power.  The issue was a software glitch.

Join DEIC for a webinar exploring the infrastructure software tools making our local energy and water grids safer and more reliable. Our speakers, Susan Ginsburg of Criticality Sciences and Mishal Thadani of Rhizome, are metro D.C. founders working to build solutions that have local and global impacts.


Susan Ginsburg, CEO & Co-Founder, Criticality Sciences

Mishal Thadani, CEO & Co-Founder, Rhizome

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet local entrepreneurs who are making an impact and get inspired to help improve our energy infrastructure!

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