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Navigating Innovative Technology Equipment Financing Strategies

During November’s Greentech Network Lunch & Learn, the DEIC is welcoming Jess Hawthorne from CSC Leasing to dive into the various ways hard-tech startups are creatively financing their equipment requirements.

This webinar will delve deep into the viable and strategic approach of equipment leasing. Equip your startup with the latest technology without the hefty upfront costs and navigate through various leasing options that best fit your operational and financial needs. Learn about the advantages, possible pitfalls, and best practices to ensure a successful leasing experience that aligns with your startup’s growth trajectory.

Key Takeaways Include…

  • Understanding the nuts and bolts of equipment leasing and its fiscal impact.
  • Learning to navigate through various financing options, ensuring optimal capital allocation.
  • Gaining insights into leveraging equipment leasing for technological advancement and scalability.
  • Real-world examples and case studies of successful implementation of leasing and financing strategies.

Who Should Attend?

  • Startup Founders and Co-Founders
  • CFOs and Financial Decision-Makers
  • Tech Leaders Seeking Financial Flexibility
  • Entrepreneurs Exploring Financing Alternatives
About Jess Hawthorne

Jess Hawthorne works with early stage and emerging growth organizations to design tailored, flexible financing strategies. By introducing non-dilutive equipment leasing solutions, he helps companies procure technology and other mission-critical equipment without the burden of owning expensive and depreciating assets. As a result, Jess’s clients are better positioned to scale their business, meet milestones quicker, and address planned and unplanned financial obligations. Having financed a wide array of equipment, he understands the capital requirements necessary to achieve research and development goals.

About the DEIC Greentech Network
The Greentech Network is how the DEIC connects early stage startups to funding opportunities, programs, ideas, and each other. Our Lunch & Learns serve as a catalyst for sparking ideas, nurturing collaborations, and fostering a vibrant community dedicated to propelling the clean energy and climate tech industries forward. As we dive into a series of engaging discussions, we believe that every connection made and insight shared enriches our collective journey towards a sustainable future.