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Virginia Startups Creating Fashion’s Circular Economy


Each year millions of tons of clothes are bought and thrown away across the globe. This is an economic model that creates waste, emits carbon, and pollutes our waterways with microplastics. Thankfully there are a number of companies focused on creating a circular economy for fashion– transitioning the industry’s business model to incorporate reuse throughout the value chain.

Two of the most exciting startups in this space are also Virginia-based companies: Recurate and Circ. Circ, based in Danville, has developed technology that recycles fabric by turning clothes back into the raw materials from which they were made. Recurate, from Arlington, helps fashion brands build resale platforms that enable their products to live multiple lives.

Join us to learn how Circ and Recurate are reimagining the fashion industry and changing the way your clothing is produced, marketed, and sold.

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