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Dominion Energy Innovation Center Announces 2023 Cohort of DEIC Accelerate Companies

Largest ever cohort of ten startups working on solutions from electric vehicle charging to power line improvements-

Ashland, VA – The Dominion Energy Innovation Center (“DEIC”) announced today the ten climate tech focused startups that will make up the 2023 DEIC Accelerate cohort starting in June and running through October. Companies accepted into the accelerator will spend four months receiving mentorship and developing pilot opportunities with DEIC’s partner network, led by Dominion Energy. “The goal,” said DEIC’s Executive Director Adam Sledd, “is to jumpstart the companies that will continue to make Virginia a leader in offering clean, reliable, and affordable energy.”

DEIC Accelerate’s 2023 cohort will mark the first time the program has expanded to ten companies since the program’s launch in 2020. Several companies from previous cohorts, including Richmond’s Linebird, are continuing to work with Dominion Energy. “New technologies are driving our energy future and will accelerate our efforts to deliver sustainable solutions to the communities we serve,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Mark Webb. “DEIC’s Accelerate program is a great platform for Dominion Energy to work with innovative startups that will help advance the future of clean, customer-centric energy.”

The companies in this year’s cohort come from around the United States and will spend four months working with DEIC and Dominion Energy staff to sharpen their business development plans and identify potential projects. Three of the ten are Virginia-based, and one is headquartered in Washington, DC.

The 2022 cohort includes:

  • ALD Technical Solutions, which is developing a revolutionary composite wrap technology to improve the lifespan and performance of both power lines and poles.
  • ChargerHelp!, the first nationwide EV charging operations and maintenance service provider that uses proprietary technology to deliver Reliability-as-a-Service.
  • Datch, a technology platform that uses frontline workers’ natural communications to increase work management output, improve data quality, and interact directly with systems of record.
  • ElectroTempo, which helps future-proof EV charging and grid investments by providing detailed and rapid forecasts of EV charging demand to both scope and validate infrastructure investments.
  • Independence Hydrogen, the first decentralized hydrogen production, purification, and delivery platform. Independence recycles vented H2 from industrial processes and upcycles it into fuel cell grade standard hydrogen.
  • Infravision, a firm originally launched in Australia to successfully increase grid capacity, automate powerline construction, and perform maintenance with aerial robotic and software solutions.
  • Somax Circular Solutions, which combines a novel hydrothermal carbonization technology to turn solid waste streams into hydrochar and biosolution. These products are then used to generate clean energy and improve anaerobic digestion outputs. • SparkCharge, a mobile EV charging solution that makes all aspects of EV charging simple, convenient, and seamless.
  • Sparkfund, an energy solutions platform that brings multiple services together to drive customer adoption of advanced energy technologies including EV infrastructure, efficiency improvements, and resiliency investments.
  • Trova Commercial Vehicles, based in Dublin, VA, is a supplier of innovative low-cost solutions for the industrialization and market acceptance of battery-electric commercial vehicles.

About Dominion Energy Innovation Center The Dominion Energy Innovation Center, located in Ashland, Virginia, supports early-stage advanced technology companies by providing them with the collaborative space, guidance, and resources needed to accelerate their growth.

Founded in November 2009, the Dominion Energy Innovation Center accelerates great ideas across a wide spectrum of industry sectors in addition to its focus on building the clean technology sector in Central Virginia. Founding partners of the Center include the signature sponsor, Dominion Energy, as well as Activation Capital, the Town of Ashland and Hanover County.