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Dominion Energy Innovation Center Launches DEIC Accelerate

New Accelerator Program In Partnership With Dominion Energy Will Spur The Growth Of Energy And Sustainability Startups In Virginia

Ashland, VA – Building on its mission to support Virginia’s entrepreneurs, the Dominion Energy Innovation Center (“DEIC”) announced today that it is opening online applications for a new startup accelerator program that will run from September to November this year.

DEIC Accelerate will focus on startups working on products or services related to energy and sustainability. Companies accepted into the accelerator will spend ten weeks receiving intensive mentorship and education from DEIC’s partner network, led by Dominion Energy. The goal is for participating companies to make rapid gains in customer acquisition capabilities, particularly with large scale customers including utilities and government agencies. 

“For most new companies the moment of truth is in landing those first few major customers that put you on the road to success, and this program is designed to get startups over that hurdle. Connecting companies with potential partners like Dominion Energy, Hanover County, and Virginia Community Capital is one of the best ways we can support Virginia’s entrepreneurs,” said Adam Sledd, DEIC’s Director. 

“DEIC Accelerate represents a great opportunity to engage with local businesses through mentorship and collaboration.” said Mark Webb, senior vice president and chief innovation officer, Dominion Energy. “We are truly excited to work with the Dominion Energy Innovation Center and Virginia entrepreneurs in developing innovative energy and sustainability solutions.”

“The Dominion Energy and Innovation Center is a unique asset not only to the Town of Ashland and Hanover County but the entire Richmond Region.  I commend the leadership team for their vision and foresight to launch this accelerator program to support those entrepreneurial startups focused on energy and sustainability as these initiatives will be a critical piece to the success of the Commonwealth’s future,” said Linwood Thomas, Director of Economic Development, Hanover County.

The program will run for ten weeks between September 14th and November 20th and will involve weekly meetings at the DEIC space in Ashland to convene startups and corporate mentors. “We’re excited for our partnership with DEIC to continue bearing fruit,” said Joshua Farrar, Ashland’s town manager. “The types of companies launched out of a program like this fit a unique niche’ we are targeting to build a creative, sustainable economy in Ashland.  We are excited to welcome program participants first as guests in the Center of the Universe, and hopefully as business community members in the future.”   

Plans are in development to allow for a fully virtual program in the event that restrictions related to COVID-19 remain in place through the year. 

To learn more about the program, please visit /energy/deic-accelerate/ . The application process will remain open through June 5th

About Dominion Energy Innovation Center

The Dominion Energy Innovation Center, located in Ashland, is an affiliated innovation center of Activation Capital that supports early-stage advanced technology companies by providing them with the collaborative space, guidance, and resources needed to accelerate their growth.

Founded in November 2009, the Dominion Energy Innovation Center supports great ideas across a wide spectrum of industry sectors in addition to its focus on building the alternative, renewable energy sector in Central Virginia. Founding partners of this program include the signature sponsor, Dominion Energy, as well as Activation Capital, the Town of Ashland and Hanover County.