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Energy Tech Virginia Award Nominations are Open

Celebrate Innovation in Virginia’s Energy Sector

Nominate an Individual Now for the Energy Tech Virginia Awards!

Do you know individuals who are driving innovation and shaping the future of energy in Virginia? We’re excited to announce the Energy Tech Virginia Awards, honoring outstanding achievements in energy innovation across the state.

Whether they’re leading cutting-edge startups, driving transformative initiatives within large organizations, or making significant contributions through academic, NGO, or government institutions, we want to recognize their efforts and celebrate their impact.

Nominate someone you admire for their groundbreaking work, visionary leadership, and commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions. Help us shine a spotlight on the innovators who are driving progress, fostering collaboration, and making a difference in Virginia’s energy landscape.

Don’t miss this opportunity to honor those who are making Virginia a leader in energy innovation. Submit your nominations today for the following categories and join us in celebrating excellence in the Energy Tech Virginia Awards!

Energy Tech Virginia Startup Innovator of the Year

  • This award recognizes an individual working in a startup company within the energy innovation space in Virginia.
  • The recipient of this award demonstrates outstanding leadership, creativity, and impact in advancing energy technologies or solutions.
  • Nominees may have played a key role in developing innovative products, services, or business models that have the potential to disrupt the energy industry and contribute to the state’s economic growth and sustainability efforts.
Energy Tech Virginia Enterprise Innovator of the Year
  • This award recognizes an individual from a large organization operating in Virginia’s energy sector who has demonstrated exemplary leadership, innovation, and impact in driving forward-looking initiatives or pioneering new paths within the industry.
  • Nominees may have led transformative projects, implemented groundbreaking technologies, or fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration that has significantly influenced the organization’s trajectory and contributed to the advancement of the energy landscape in Virginia.
Energy Tech Virginia Institutional Innovator of the Year
  • This award celebrates an individual from an academic institution, NGO, or government organization in Virginia who has made significant contributions to energy innovation, research, policy development, or advocacy.
  • The recipient of this award demonstrates a commitment to advancing energy solutions through research, education, collaboration, or policy initiatives.
  • Nominees may have conducted groundbreaking research, led impactful programs, or influenced policy decisions that have contributed to Virginia’s energy resilience, sustainability, and prosperity.

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